Charming Selfie Party

Charming Selfie Kids Birthday Party Westfield NJ Just Bead Yourself Fun Bangle Bracelet DIY Jewelry

- $325* for 8 guests ($35 extra guest fee)

Love Your Selfie!

- Take a Selfie with Birthday Girl for the Selfie Charm Bracelet; Find Out What Your Favorite Color Says About You with the Personality Color Crystals & Make a Wish and Put it in the Wish-Box Charm!   

~ Take Quizzes & Selfies With the Birthday Girl to Personalize Your Charms and Make Them All About You! 

- Recommended for Ages 8-Teen

*All packages include: Pizza* & Lemonade & Poland Spring Water, Cupcakes* from Bovella's Bakery, & Choice of Tableware color