Metaphysical classes

Ever wonder about the healing powers of gemstones, the balance of your chakras, or how to use a pendulum? Get metaphysical with us at Just Bead Yourself in one of our special metaphysical classes and make your own healing jewelry, too!

After-School Classes


Thursdays Afternoons, 3:30pm - 4:45pm

Join us at JBY on Thursday afternoons and learn how to make your very own jewelry!

Class Types

  • Bracelets and Crimping
  • Earrings
  • Interweave Flower Bracelet
  • Tree of Life Gemstone Pendant
  • Wire Wrapped Stones
  • Wire Rings
  • Wig Jig Jewelry

Come with a friend (Or TWo)!

  • One beader - $30.00
  • Two beaders - $50.00
  • Three beaders - $75.00

Sign Up NOW!

Call to find out specific class dates and to reserve your spot - (908) 232-3411

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