Gem Energy Jewelry Party

Gemstone Energy Jewelry Party for Kids and Teenagers Just Bead Yourself Westfield NJ Fun Birthday

- $325 for 8 guests ($35 extra guest fee)

Well This is Unlike Any Other Party. 

- Did You Ever Hear of Gemstones Having Energy Properties - Such as Amethyst for Calming, or Tiger's Eye for Courage?

- You will Learn How to do a Muscle Test to See which Gemstone Makes You Stronger. 

- Then, You will Create Energy Jewelry Using the Gemstones That Have Proven to Make You the Strongest.  

- Recommended for Ages 9-Up

-  Special Add-On: Goody Bags with Their Tumbled Gemstone and Property Cards - $5.00 per Guest

*All packages include: Pizza* & Lemonade & Poland Spring Water, Cupcakes* from Bovella's Bakery, & Choice of Tableware color