Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Party Kids Themed Do It Yourself Jewelry Birthday at Just Bead Yourself in Westfield NJ

- $325 includes 8 guests ($35 extra guest fee)

 Become a Beading Witch or Wizard!

-  Find Out Which Hogwarts House the Sorting Hat Puts You In!

- Make a Harry Potter Themed Necklace to Match your Chosen House! 

~ Practice Your Magical Powers with the Wingardium Leviosa Spell and Other Activities! (Click Here to See  the Video!)

- Every Guest Leaves with a Harry Potter Wand and Glasses!

- Recommended for Ages 7-12

- Special Add-On: Harry Potter Scar Glitter Tattoo - $3.50 each 

*All packages include: Pizza* & Lemonade & Poland Spring Water, Cupcakes* from Bovella's Bakery, & Choice of Tableware color