Metaphysical Classes and Events at Just Bead Yourself

Ever wondered about the healing powers of gemstones, how to balance your chakras, or the benefits of energy sprays? 

Just Bead Yourself offers a variety of metaphysical classes to suit your needs!

Metaphysical classes and events are scheduled by request. 

Please call (908)-232-3411 to inquire about dates/times!

Metaphysical Classes and Events

Please call (908)232-3411 for more information

Party Reservation Policy

 Party time slots are held with the receipt of a $100 Check Deposit and completed Party Registration form. Time slots may be moved up to two weeks prior to party date. Balance is due the day of the party in the form of check or cash with the host agreeing to pay for the number of guests as indicated on the party registration form. Final counts for number of participants are confirmed at least 5 days prior to date of the party. If confirmed total is not met on day of the event due to unforseen illness or no-shows of guests, Just Bead Yourself will issue a credit in the form of gift certificates for the missing guests. 

Cancellations made at least 3 weeks prior to scheduled party datewill receive full refund, including deposit amount. Deposits on all other cancellations may be held and put toward a rescheduled party date in the future. Deposits may be used up to 2 years to change a party date.

*Ammendment as of 3/9/2020 - for special concerns on cancellation policies regarding COVID-19, please call (908)232-3411